The Great Exhibition

The great exhibition was a monumental event in time. It was organised by Henry Cole and designed and built by Joseph Paxton but Prince albert recieved all credit! It opened for 6 months of the year over the summer and was a world renouned exhibition home to 100,000 pieces of work from 34 different nations bringing in over 6 million viewers. It was the starting point for urbanisation, mass production, social improvement ang regualation of ‘taste’. Over hundreds of years galleries were only normally occupied by middle class people. The working class were not worthy of appreciating ‘good’ work. The creative industry of Britain were rather small minded people and thought they knew what ‘good taste’ was. Henry coles (the designer) had 4 false principles of design quoting, lack of symmetry, superficial decoration, formless confusion and disregard of structure. All of which is ludacrus, design is to be occupied and created however the designer feels. The great exhibiton brought thousands of different pieces and millions of different people from all over the world. Although alot of people at the time didnt agree it was the start of lots of different oppertunitys for all types of people. The shilling days gave working class people the opportunity to indulge in the enourmous exhibiton over several months, cutting travel prices to allow them to get to and from the crystal palace. This actually to peoples surpise brought alot of working class people to the exhibitions they were ‘well behaved’ (not drunk mainly)





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