My Manifesto

My manifesto will be about segregation, segregation has been an issue since well, forever. Yes we have changed laws and the slave days are over but not everywhere. Recently i have been eeing individuals fighting for civil rights because of the colour of there skin, yes we may not have :

  • Black and white benches
  • Black and white fountains
  • Black and white buses
  • Black and white churches

But we may aswell have, for example donald trumps rallies. Promoting racism, he is openly loved by his ‘followers’ for segregating and seperating blacks from white. This just shouldnt be acceptable. We are in the twenty first century. There is only one race and that is the human race. A persons nationality doesnt change that.

You wouldnt seperate gingers from blondes or people with glasses from those without. It is ludicrous and needs to be stopped. No more racial bulling, no groups of racial haters, it should be punishable and that is where i come in.

I want a petition to be made for you all to sign. This will be sent to the government to get them to change there ways. I dont want racial abuse to go unseen. I want atleast minimum sentences of 2months for this sort of offence. So the racists can see we are united, there shall be no divide between black and white anymore.

So please stand with me to fight back. #nomore


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