CCS-women’s liberation

For ccs we were given an essay brief to write about how certain symbols have been used in more than one protest over the years and how they helped the protesters to get there point across. I decided to research into the women’s liberation and women fighting for there rights and how this symbol has helped them over the years. Throughout time protest groups have used symbols and logos to illustrate their fight and unify their supporters. The Women’s Liberation logo in particular is a very famous image that has been and is still being used in many different feminist movements globally. The image consists of a raised fist surrounded by the astrological symbol of Venus. This image has united women throughout recent history and has been used to protest a variety of issues that have affected women for centuries. In order to discuss how the image has united protests across the years, we should first look at the different components it is made up of. The composition of the symbol itself is interesting. The raised fist, known most famously as the iconic image of the Black Panther movement has been used for countless groups and movements. Throughout all of the protests that have happened over centuries women and men have used very similar, if not the same symbols, to try and get their message across to the public.


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