Final outcome



After the lesson we had on grids and columns i changed alot of my book. I was thinking that it didnt look how i wanted it to but didnt know what i should do to make it look better. Once adding in the columns it really made a difference and i was really happy with the outcome.

Indesign workshop

We had an I design workshop to teach us how to make our publications. I had never really used indesign before so this was definitely an essential for me. I found it quite difficult to get the hang of but after a day of playing around I definitely feel like I got the basics and was able to make a mock up copy of my book

Taking photos for my book

Taking photos for my book I found quite hard as I wanted them to look as professional as possible. I tried my best to get very similar lighting in each shot but this was harder than it seemed as I was photographing things on different days and times the lighting was changing throughout, this meant I had to either edit or use false lighting for a lot of my photos

G M Smith

ricardo arranged a talk with a lady that works for G M Smith a world rebounded paper distributor. She showed us different textured and coloured papers and what would be best for the books that we were creating, she also gave us the option to send an email to her of what paper we liked and she would be able to send us testers! This was a really good opportunity

planning my book

First I drew out a story board for the book and planned out what pages would be used for what and how I wanted the book to look on the inside, if there would be pages of just images or text etc. This was harder than I thought as I didn’t have a lot of the work finished so I was planning ahead of what I was going to be putting into the final copy